The Shutdown Show – Fizzy Kebab

Posted on October 19, 2014 by

So here it is, the last show of the current era. Near 5.5 hours of Sasquatch joined by Lurch Monster and Cueball! Okay, we at one point hijack the Strange Times Show again, but mostly it’s just us talking nonsense for a long time, and saying things we really shouldn’t. And you know the part that really makes you want to call in? We get legendary John Mackay to call in as well! All good here in our hood folks, enjoy this big ass show while we work on rebuilding over the next four weeks for DHB 2.0!

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Show intro music used courtesy of ‘ElevenEleven’, a five-piece post hardcore band from the North East of Scotland, hailing from the increasingly vibrant Aberdeen rock scene. Find out more about them over at –

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