DHB 280: Clash of Titans

Posted on May 6, 2024 by

Joining Daddy Sasquatch and Dame Baron Von Lurch tonight are Boris and Tiny / Boris once inhaled excrement / Ever stolen a police van before? / Money shot is not a funny shot / Roobs is hench / Man gives special coating to new sofas / Listener wants to do unholy things to Boris’ safe […]

DHB 279: Notice Me

Posted on April 22, 2024 by

Daddy Sasquatch is joined tonight by The Rt Hon Rev Double-Laird Dame Baron Von Lurch Monster, Steevasaurus and Money Maker Maynard / Maynard is broken before the show even starts / We’re now playing by ‘Demolition Man’ rules, still no idea how the three seashells work / Maynar got very drunk, several listeners noticed / […]

DHB 278: Jobbies For Jesus

Posted on April 1, 2024 by

Your Daddy Sasquatch is joined tonight by Lurch Monster, The Wonderful Coops and a little drizzle of Hotsauce / Lurch wants to tackle the Side Chicks / Hotsauce calls a kid a horrible thing / We’re ticking down to the Hate Crime Legislation Bill starting in Scotland / Coops is perfecting the ‘Crazy Eyes’ tonight […]

DHB 277: Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Posted on March 17, 2024 by

Joining Sasquatch tonight are Boris, Tiny and the THL / Tiny had his hotel room stolen by a naked man in a shower / Sasquatch and Tiny were surrounded by grey hair and replacement hips at a Judas Priest concert / Boris fell off a bucking bronco that wasn’t even turned on / The THL […]

DHB 276: Rhabarberbar

Posted on February 26, 2024 by

Scheduling issues have meant that getting the usual gang together to record has been a challenge, so tonight Sasquatch is joined by his two new ‘side-chicks’, Tiny and Boris / Boris discovers Schnappi, fails to be impressed / How a new German song is dominating Laird Sasquatch’s life / Tiny is 6′ 8″ of Germanic […]

DHB 275: The Stolen Beef

Posted on January 29, 2024 by

Sasquatch is joined by Lurch, Steevasaurus and The Coops / Godzilla is ace, Steev is wrong / Lurch won’t shut up about ko-fi / Hotsauce released a new video / Coops has misspelled her name for over thirty years / Steev and Sasquatch are planning their Heterosexual commune / Lurch has some ‘beef’ with thieves […]

DHB 274: The Flying Haddock

Posted on January 27, 2024 by

Laird Sasquatch Taylor is joined tonight by the always delightful Steevasaurus / We’re trialing some Discord recording tonight / Girls in movies don’t suck / A complicated man throws a crispy battered fish at the Bingo / Is new Gladiators any good? / Steev gives out ‘upper decker’ advice / Man thinks his wife looks […]

DHB 273: The Curse of Lavvy Billy

Posted on January 1, 2024 by

Sasquatch is joined by Lurch Monster and Mr Pink tonight / It’s Hogmany, and we’re three men speaking rubbish over the internet / Mr Pink accesses the Gulag fibre, works as well as dial-up / Lurch gets introduced to the world of Harry Potter / Mr Pink has a visit from another inmate / Toddler […]

DHB 272: The Santaganza

Posted on December 18, 2023 by

Well, have we got a show for you tonight! All the faves in one place for a festive gathering that’s part chaos, part horrible mental abuse. Thank you all for being part of the show over the last year, and here’s hoping you all have an amazing Christmas. (Except for John’s). CONTACT US –¬†doghousebastards.com/contact SUBSCRIBE […]

DHB 271: Oh, What a Day!

Posted on November 27, 2023 by

Daddy Sasquatch & Dame Baron von Lurch Monster are running alone tonight / Hotsauce looks like a celebrity / Lurch gets on Grindr / A lady is upset / Listener insults professional wrestler / We talk what clicks our geek / All this and more on tonights DHB Radio Show! CONTACT US – doghousebastards.com/contact SUBSCRIBE ON […]