Who are DHB Radio?

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Back in 2010 or whatever, Scott Taylor came up with the idea of starting a podcast. He had no idea what to do or how to do it since podcasting back then was still in its infancy, but after some soul searching and some heavy researching the bottom of a whisky bottle, ‘Double Deuce Radio’ was born. Or at least was conceived briefly before he realized that was a pretty dull name, and it was soon changed to ‘The Doghouse Bastards’.

Back then using a few cheap microphones and some cheaper cohosts, ‘Doghouse Bastards’ continued to grow thanks to the input from the team we’d gathered together. We’ve had too many guests over the years to name them all, but the core team was built around Steve ‘Steevaurus’ Early, Chris ‘He’s Dead’ Forbes, Mr Pink, Claire ‘Coops’ Cooper, Richie ‘Money Maker’ Maynard and of course, the Rt Hon. Double Laird Dame Baron Von Lurch Monster (Liam Scott).

With this core group of ‘specials’, the Doghouse Bastards soon rose high in the iTunes podcast comedy charts, gathering together an amazing audience of listeners and participators, many of whom still remain close friends of the show to this day. As the years passed and time took its toll, ‘Doghouse Bastards’ went on hiatus for a while before coming back as ‘The DHB Radio Show’, now recording and broadcasting once every fortnight over on Twitch, the DHB continues to grow into the bestest podcast you’ve heard probably in the last hour.

Thanks for checking us out, and be sure to search for ‘The DHB Radio Show’ in any podcast software you happen to use!

Scott ‘Daddy Sasquatch’ Taylor.

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