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Posted on February 23, 2012 by

After the demise of our last DHB server, Steev Thundercock has set up a new one for us to assault! It’s very barren, so we need you folks to jump on with us and help build 😉 It’s a Survival server, so you’ll need to work for a living!

Find it at

EDIT: Due to a lot of griefing on the server, we’ve had to implement a ‘whitelist’. This means that you can only access the server by emailing your username to doghousebastards.com, and having us grant permission to your username to join the server. Once you join, you’ll be monitored as a newbie to make sure there’s no griefing on your part. Any destruction or theft of others people’s stuff will result in a permanent ban.

See you peeps there! (My username is ‘Scottiedog’)



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