Episode 95: A Little Vague..

Posted on November 19, 2012 by

SCOTT is joined by STEEV, MAYNARD and PINK for tonight’s show / This may surprise you, but we talk about women and how f*cking mental they all are! / 15 layers of foundation, and she still thinks she’s gorgeous / Scott is no longer a bus wanker, has traumatic experience with crazy lady / Scott gets a new car, it has cup holders and everything! / Maynard has friends who look borderline psychotic / Maynard watches friend wipe out five woman while pole dancing / Steev replaces gearbox, may have to again replace gearbox / Man rides crocodile, surprisingly gets bitten / Hotel asks you not to sue them for how terrible they are / Gay listener writes in, wants to shower with Maynard / Scott and Pink have a spat, but unlike women we don’t dwell on it and get on with things like fucking blokes / All this and more on tonight’s show!!

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