Episode 77: Punctual Pink

Posted on July 17, 2012 by

Once again, SCOTT is joined by STEEVASAURUS, MONEY MAKER MAYNARD and after a brief period of pissing about, MR PINK! / Scott’s grumpy, so Pink is getting it in the neck / Pink keeps his cool and fights back / Scott is tired of the old car, really needs a new one / Steev is getting close to his 1 year anniversary with ‘The Flaps’ / Maynard has had a dull week, but sports a V-Neck like a boss / Steev bought a car, but it doesn’t have an engine / listener asks, ‘would the bastards like to host their own shows?’ / Pink tailgates a mobility scooter / Woman texts like a mad person / Heaviest woman in the world loses weight through sex marathon / ‘Rock’ fan eats stones to beat depression / German mayor designates trickier parking spots as Men Only / Listener gets interrupted during sex by brother who is in love with Cheese and Tomato sauce sandwiches / All this and more on tonight’s show!

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