Episode 68: Carnivorous Hobgoblin

Posted on May 14, 2012 by

SCOTT is joined by STEEV, PINK and a returning MAYNARD! / Steev is done with Wales, heading to Norway / Maynard joins the ‘Jeremy Kyle’ watchers / Pink goes through a sexual ‘ordeal’, gets nothing but support from the rest of the bastards / Sparky and Scott get started on by a ned with one hand / Chauffered around in a souped up Corsa / Sparky enjoys some late night tanning / Eleven:Eleven rock the socks off the Newmarket / Woman gives up drink for a month, woop de fucking doo / Cannibal fan pays man to kill, then eat him / Should Video Games go in the sin bin? / Man threatens to do horrible things to Claire / Other man wants Claire to dress and act like Meatloaf in ‘Fight Club’ / All this and more on tonight’s show!!

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