Episode 62: No Johns Allowed

Posted on April 2, 2012 by

SCOTT is joined by PINK, CLAIRE, STEEV and SLICK R.I.C! / Maynard was very, very drunk at the weekend / So was Steev / Maynard offended women, wrestled a man, has no recollection / Claire has broken the sex embargo, although she claims a technicality / Pink is on skype cam tonight, horrifying Scott with his face – check out his disguise on the episode artwork / Scott is in a pissy mood, offends a ginger at a nearby shop / Email pisses Scott off, from a bloody ‘John’ / Scott spots some drunk kids breaking into a building across the street, threw coleslaw at them / Would you get an implant in your brain that would let you access the web anytime? / Woman wants to be fattest in world, we discuss how f*cking stupid she is / Electric chair stunt seems to impress Claire / Someone wants to make her look like David Dickinson / All this and more on tonight’s show!


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