Episode 32: Nobody Wants to be Dynamo..

Posted on September 5, 2011 by

Joining host SCOTT TAYLOR today are THE PHRAZE and MR PINK / show has been recorded a day early this week / Scott is hating the week ahead / Pink gets embarrassed at a party by The Phraze / Commando team sneak into bedroom and tickle Pink’s balls / we spot a female ‘Jaws from James Bond’ lookalike / Soon to be deported immigrants take part in Dutch game show / teen eaten by bear whilst on phone to mother / All this and much more on this week’s DHB!

As usual you can download the show NOW through iTunes, get a direct download of the MP3 through our ‘Episodes’ page or listen straight away using the audio player on the top right of the screen.




From today’s show – the Sex Offender Shuffle


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