Episode 130: Monster Moonshine

Posted on September 3, 2013 by

Well this one is a hum dinger! After leaving you people short with no show last week, we pull a good 2.5 hours out of the bag for this week as way of compensation. We have the Lurch Monster back tonight, (along with Money Maker Maynard and Mr Pink) and he’s been dabbling in the world of home brewing. So much so, that he’s taken in some of his wares, and it pretty much messes us up throughout the course of the show. Still, we get to laugh at his attempts to apply for a shotgun licence, and watch as he descends into a drunken, anarchist state.

Also, Pink does a horrible thing toward some listeners he met whilst drunk, and Scott is worried about a mysterious parcel that came through his letter-hole today at DHB Towers.

You know what, you should listen to this whole thing. That’s what you should do. And buy me pretty things, or daddy will be mad.
– Scott.

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