Episode 129: Bad Tattoo

Posted on August 19, 2013 by

Joining Sasquatch are Money Maker Maynard and Mr Pink tonight, and we get down to brass tacks pretty quick. Why you kids aree sh*t these days, and why we’re awesome. Because we are. 33% of us know Karate and the other 66% are just f*cking nails. The remaining 1% is laying on the floor dropping horrid air biscuits throughout the show.. Roooobs is in for more stick, as is her poor dog, and Maynard is horrified to learn he’s sitting in soiled surroundings. I could tell you more, but rather than reading this nonsense you should get down to listening to the goodness. And what goodness it is too! If you don’t laugh at least once, then I will come to your house and run a magnet over all of your mothers VHS tapes.

– Scott.

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