Episode 106: Used To Give Me Roses..

Posted on March 4, 2013 by

You know, there once was a time I used to enjoy writing show notes, but that was back when I was getting plenty sleep and was king of the night. Now sadly, I am a slave to the daytime wage, and have to make sandwiches and everything. Oh, how times have changed..

Anywho, joining Sasquatch tonight are Maynard, Pink and Forbes. Forbes is a bad boy and headlocks a man into a room full of geeks, and his house is coated in other peoples excrement. Sasquatch is like the walking dead, except less able to pull the opposite sex. Pink breaks out some one liners that literally stop the show, and Coops comes along later and completely flippin’ derails the proceedings.

I’ll get back to writing proper show notes eventually, but for now – well, bite me.

– Scott.

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