Episode 103: Totes Innapropes

Posted on February 11, 2013 by

SCOTT is in a strange mood tonight, is joined by STEEV, MAYNARD, PINK and for the first time for a full show, THE FLAPS! / The show celebrated a birthday this week, as did Steev! / Steev got in trouble for paying to see boobs / The Flaps used abbreciated words, gets in trouble / Maynard gets quizzed about his mystery date, won’t give up a thing / Valentine is coming, Scott preps the posties to bring a van / we call a plumber, give him abuse / call us and leave messages for the bastards for Valentines day! / Scott watched a woman piss herself in a shop, laughed like a drain / Horse burgers, would Flaps eat one? / Maynard gets in trouble for using an insulting slang word, then realises he did nothing wrong / Scott goes on a rant about people who type like they’ve been in a car crash / COOPS joins us over Skype, man wants to make her into a vibrating porcupine / All this and much, much more on tonight’s DHB Radio Show!!

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