DHB:XS – Episode 1

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Welcome to the new addition to the DHB family, The DHB:XS show! So, what is this?

The XS show is far different from the usual show. For a start each show is shorter in length, averaging between 15 to 20 minutes per episode, and hosted usually by only one person, which may or may not be Scott!

There’s no set format, as the XS show is an experiment in trying new things, bringing you new sections that haven’t made the regular shows, music from local unsigned bands, archived aftershow content from the last three years of broadcasting the DHB show, stories from our bastards and guests that could be serious or funny, gaming talk and some of our favourite clips from previous shows.

It does sound like a scrambled format, and it absolutely is! There’s no set release schedule for the XS show, But it’s a new way of bringing fresh content to the DHB family, and we hope you like it!

– Scott.


The song played at the end of the show is by a band called Gales, and the track is called ‘Lost’. Check out more from the band through the links below;


(Direct download the XS Show here – http://traffic.libsyn.com/doghousebastards/dhbxs1.mp3)

Download tonight’s show now through iTunes, (and be sure to leave us a positive rating there too!), through the FREE Stitcher App on either the iOS or Android Market, (and leave a ‘thumbs up’ there too!) listen in STRAIGHT AWAY below, using the audio player on the right of the screen or tune in through the ‘archived shows’ page of the site!

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