DHB 159: She’s Trying To Kill Me..

Posted on April 15, 2014 by

In this show, we spend a little time commiserating the loss of the great ‘Ultimate Warrior’. Scott is crushed, and Lurch Monster has to take over the show and get things going. We also learn about measures to combat NDD’s poor timekeeping, we hear from Mr Pink while he’s trapped in the North Sea, and a man gets the lid of a biro pen stuck in his pooper.. Okay, I know, the tone of the show is as low as normal, but I can’t help this. We’ll never get picked up by radio you know, we’re far too potty mouthed and I would probably go all ‘tard mouthed as soon as the ‘LIVE’ light came on. Still, I can but dream, maybe one day!

Oh, and you don’t want to miss the ‘black ass-isizer’ on tonight’s show, courtesy of our good friends over at The Crunch Time Show!

– Scott.

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