Contest: Win This Beanie!!

Posted on November 10, 2011 by

You see this hat on the Sasquatch’s head? Well YOU could win this in our first DHB Competition! One of only two made, (Pink owns the other one) It’s one of those baggy headed Beanies that all the fucking ‘yoofs’ like to sport these days. Never worn, (apart from the photo!) You can own a one of a kind piece of DHB merchandise! What do you have to do?

Record yourself with either your smartphone, computer or other MP3 recorder, doing your very best ‘Dougie Bray’ impersonation. All clips will be played on next week’s show, and a winner will be chosen by a combination of our bastards, and the live listening audience in the chatroom. Email all submissions to, including a postal address should you win. Good luck Bastardos! 😉

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