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 We’ve been working on a way of thanking all those who’ve donated to the show so far, or paid for items from the wishlist, and we think we may have come up with a winning plan..

Soon those of you who’ve donated £10 or more to the show, (and those of you who’ve donated equipment), will be getting exclusive access to a secret section of our forums, we like to call  ‘DHB:VIP’. Yeah, it’s a shit name.. If someone comes up with a better one they’ll get a month’s free access 😉

What the DHB VIP will give you are MP3 downloads of all the aftershows from here onwards, meaning if you can’t watch live on a Monday night, you’ll get to hear the off-air madness afterwards if you join the VIP. Alongside MP3 downloads of the Aftershows, we’re going to be adding VIP only videos to this section, along with downloads of all our jingles, sounds clips and more.

One last thing – we’re also planning a new, smaller show! This will ONLY be available to our VIP members, and will follow a different format than our current Monday show does.

“DHB Confessions” (name might change) will be a non-regular show, appearing in the VIP whenever we get a chance to record it, Featuring stories not told on the regular show, (for fear they might get us in trouble!) along with interviews with bastardos and guests alike. There’s a lot of things that can’t be told on the regular show, but can be told in a more private show like this! It won’t run for as long as a regular DHB show, and won’t affect the content at all from the regular show.

What do you guys think? One of the main reason we’re doing this is to thank those of you who’ve gone out of your way to help us, and we’d love your feedback or ideas on content we can create for this section. Another, long term purpose is to bring in some revenue that can cover our outgoing costs for the show. If we bring in enough revenue, we can afford better hosting and can finally get that second show per week we’ve been planning off the ground.

To thank everyone of our listeners for their support, access to this section will be COMPLETELY FREE TO EVERYONE for the first month! After that time it will be closed off to VIP members only.

How can you be a DHB VIP? Easy! If you already have donated more than £10 to the show, you’ll be receiving THREE MONTHS of access to the DHB VIP! And if you’ve donated equipment over the cost of £50, you’ll receive 1 YEAR of free access to the VIP room.

You haven’t donated? No problem! Once the free month ends you can still get access to our VIP room! Here’s how it’ll work..

£5 per month (payable through paypal) will give you access to this section.

£25 will buy you 6 MONTHS access to our VIP room

£50 will buy you a YEAR of access to the VIP room

You will need to be a member of the DHB forums to get access to the section, after you’ve set up a payment or subscription. More details will be coming soon.. But for now, tell us what you think on here, or by emailing the Sasquatch at!

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