A Small Xmas Gift..

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Right! A lot of you have been saying, “OI! FATTY! What’s happening over the next few weeks? We can’t wait till January 13th for there to be another bloody show!”

Well, first of all – name calling sucks. I’m just big boned you heartless fucks.

Secondly, we ARE releasing some more audio before the BIG SHOW on Jan 13th!

Since it’s Xmas, and we’ve had a delay getting the footage from the ‘DHB:LIVE! 2012’ show up and available, I’m thinking of releasing the AUDIO ONLY that we recorded that night.

It’s not the best quality audio by far, and parts of the show are missing after we kicked out the bloody mic cable at one point, but there’s a good bit there for you all to hear how nervous the Sasquatch sounds, how we dealt with a heckler, How Maynard got on with his Highland Citizenship test and our Bastardess giving out her highest score yet for a ‘HOTAOC’ email 😉

So although there’s NO LIVE SHOW on Monday people, get your download buttons ready to download the audio from ‘DHB:LIVE! 2012’..

I’ll warn you now, it’s a bit messy. 😉

– Scott.

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