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I don’t even know why I do this, I really don’t. Every damned week I get it in the neck, luckily I’m not a delicate wee flower and got a thick ass because Lurch, Steev and Maynard tear into me like it’s a pissing party and I’m the pot. At this rate, I might have to quit the show!

Joking of course, I love you guys too much, and to be fair those guys get a fair bit of abuse too. Hear Steev’s rivetting story about moving some cupboard doors, how Maynard bought some CURTAINS and finally, how Lurch had to buy a new carseat and got himself into the bad books with ‘Sausage Breath’. (Shh, don’t let her hear you call her that!)

All this and a veritable crap ton more on this weeks DHB Radio Show!
– Scott.

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Show intro music used courtesy of ‘ElevenEleven’, a five-piece post hardcore band from the North East of Scotland, hailing from the increasingly vibrant Aberdeen rock scene. Find out more about them over at – http://officialeleveneleven.bandcamp.com/

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