Why thanks, you sumanabitches!

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Just a quick message to say a massive ‘Thank You’ to everyone who’s taken the time to leave a five star rating and review on iTunes, to everyone who’s ever bought something from our studio wishlist over at Amazon, and more recently to everyone who has used our Amazon referral link over at dhbradio.com/support

Thanks to those of you who’ve used the Amazon referral link this month for buying yourself a ridiculous amount of sex toys, you’ve covered our running costs this month through referral fees from Amazon alone.

I know that I normally get shouty and insulty, but in this case, I want to let my inner vagoo flow and thank you all sincerely for making the show the small success it’s becoming, and helping in it’s continual growth as we move on from here.

Doing the show is the highlight of my week, and I love hearing from you all in emails, or in person if I see you out and about. I appreciate all you fuckers for taking the time each week to tune in, and long may it goddamned continue.

And of course, I want to thank all the co-hosts, be they regular, irregular or Forbes, for giving up their time to be part of the goodness.. You people fucking rock.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go and surreptitiously stare at The Rooooobs’ bewbs to celebrate..

– Scott.

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4 Comments to “Why thanks, you sumanabitches!”

  1. Stuart Cartmel


    what’s the bastards thoughts on fake titties?

    I don’t remember you having this debate before (have listened and loved every episode except the first…not sure why!)

    So please…you views…natural B cups or fake DD cups?

    Me…I’m all for the natural ones…fakies look good but they’re not the real deal when it comes to loving them, fucking them, or covering them in custard!

    T’ra-a-bit MOFo’s

    • Big Dog

      I have no problems with the fake type whatsoever! Hell, the more help they can get to look fantastic, the better!

  2. Crazyzogg

    This may just be me but the episode seams to have disappeared,meaning i can see all the information about the show but not the show itself.

    Please fix this, or tell me i need a new phone.


  3. Crazyzogg

    Sorry i ment to post that comment on the tab before this, general fuck up on my part there

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