Show Intro Poll – Change or Stay?

Posted on July 24, 2014 by

After a comment made by Baron Von Spider Venom Road Warrior Lurch Monster, (First of his name, greatest butcher in all Aberdeen) about the show intro music needing changed, how do you feel? Do you think we need to change out the current ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ track that the former band ’11:11′ let us graciously use and find another band’s song to replace it, or do we say “FUCK YOU LURCH! What do you know anyway with your massive heid, and whisky that pours like a chilled bottle of Heinz Ketchup!”

The choice (below), as they say, is yours..

We keep the show intro as it is, and Lurch shuts his dirty whore face. OR, we change up and get with the future baby!

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