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Ok folks, here’s the nominations for the very first DHB Bastardo Awards! Email us now at, (or use our contact page here on the site) and let us know your ONE pick of who should win each category! Please have your entries in before January 8th.

Best Listener Email:

David Grainger, “Custard Dipped Tits” Episode 12
Francis – “I’ll tell your mum” Episode 34
Sarah Bamford – “Shitty Envelope” Episode 38

Best Submitted Audio: 

Tony Rowell & Andy Goodall – Sea Shanty
Voodoo Sphynx – DHB Song
Steev – Profanisizer

Best Guest: 

‘Slick RIC’ Maynard
The Saint

Worst Guest:

Greg Scott
Wayne Baglin

Funniest Story: 

Wiggly Penis (Episode 37)
Naked American (Episode 42)
Odd Sized Shoes (Episode 1)

Worst Story: 

Coppersaurus (Episode 29)
Forbes Getting Stabbed (Episode 6)
Scott Threatened by Bin Bag (Episode 10)

Thanks for taking part!

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