On-Demand Video: Episode 54

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Full video from Episode 54: Don’t Sauce My Pie!

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  1. Ian

    Awrite DHB’s ! I found your show on podcast on Tuesday and thought to myself, aye aye what the fuck is this all about then ? So I downloaded NO JOHNS ALLOWED. Well fuck me ! I almost shat my pants laughing !! Sorry about the shit comment Claire. Well I work with, dare I say it ? A FUCKIN JOHN ! And he too is a complete and utter fucking tool. I will be tuned in for the next instalment of DHB. Keep up the gid rants, I fuckin love it !! P.S. tell dougie my fellow jambo that I hope to see him at the cup final. Ian fae Edinburgh

  2. Trick

    Hello Bastards,

    I recently found your podcasts on Itunes and downloaded a few episodes. I couldn’t believe how funny your banter really is. I’ve gone back and downloaded all episodes from 17 to the current one on my Ipod. When I take my dog for a walk I listen to your pathetic life stories, really funny and extremely witty. I could not download the first 16 episodes as Itunes only list 50 episodes at a time.

    As a transplanted Englishman living in the middle of Canada for the past 30 years, I can appreciate the Scottish sense of humour, your accent and the way you craft your descriptive language. I’ve told a few of my friends about your website but they just don’t understand what the hell you’re talking about or your accents, but I do! I even downloaded some songs from Manard’s list and enjoy listen to “Return of the Mack” – thanks Manard, it is now one of my favourite songs.

    Keep up the good work. I now find myself anxiously awaiting each Monday to see just what the bastards are up to.

    All the best, take care,


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