Episode 85: The Bitch Switch

Posted on September 10, 2012 by

SCOTT is joined by STEEV, MAYNARD, PINK and CHRIS MAC on tonight’s show! / We try to start the show about seven times, and finally get it running / Scott’s voice is ruined, as is Pink’s / Maynard is caught in a domestic between Milo and a local cat / Scott nearly died on a pushbike this week, hates children / Scott gets mistaken for a muslim, then something worse / Tickets have sold like Gangbusters for the live show, some people though have sand in their vagina about it! / Amazon reviews, introducing retarded people to Jesus / Why you shouldn’t use Veet on your privates / Man shits in the street, needs Maynards Law to assess things / Maynard takes no prisoners, acts like the show’s very own Judge Dredd / Missing tourist joins search for herself / Man fakes own death to impress girlfriend / Another Claire related email threatens to get us kicked offline! All this and more on tonight’s show!!

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