Episode 76: 50 Shades of Greyhound

Posted on July 9, 2012 by

SCOTT is joined by STEEV THUNDERCOCK, MR PINK and the man, the myth, the legend – MAYNARD! / We open with a question, would you do it for £10,00 a week? / Steev was at a wedding with his good lady, gets drunk / Maynard has had a hard week of doing fuck all / Women – it’s raining. Get over it / Women wearing high heels, hilarity ensues / I forget what happened here, but you people don’t read this shit, do you? I mean really, do you honestly take time out of your day to read what pish I post in the show notes? Seriously, someone needs to do this for me during the show and take notes as we go! / Testicle eating fish attacks fishermen / Couple advertise to find dog for wife to interfere with / 50 shades of Grey baby boom expected, provokes heated debate with the ladies that call in / Pink tries telling a news story, and we all act like dicks / Scott was on local community radio recently / All this and a f*ck ton more on tonight’s show!

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