Episode 70: Along Came A Spider..

Posted on May 29, 2012 by

SCOTT is joined tonight by STEEV, PINK and MAYNARD / Steev may have messed himself yesterday / Pink has had a quiet week / Maynard nearly died in a ginger bread explosion / Maynard is still a jobless, dole seeking scumbag / Scott has been impressed with the weather, wonders why tinks don’t burn, pitches new sun lotion advise to companies / It’s been almost a year to the day that Claire failed to dip tits in custard, she must pay for this trangression / Scott nearly died eating a stupid chili burger, almost visited the hospital / a spider comes along and nearly f*cks up our night / man cuts off own genitals and serves them up to chinese diners / woman takes home 550 cats, wonders why marriage falls apart / someone thinks that our T-Shirt giveaway music should be thrown in the sin bin / All this and more on tonight’s DHB show!


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