Episode 126: Rickopedia

Posted on July 29, 2013 by

So this is a long one! Seriously, if you listen to this goodness all in one go then you deserve a bastard medal. We came into this unprepared, and shit just got very ‘insulty’.. Mainly aimed toward the Sasquatch. Egged on by the in-studio appearance of Mr Pink, even the normally placid Money Maker fires into the debate, and tears Scott a new asshole. It’s ok, it wasn’t like I was wanting to keep a relationship going longer than ten minutes, you f*cking dicks.. The joke’s on them though, RUBY WAS IN ON THE WHOLE THING!!

What thing you ask? You’ll need to tune in to find out! Also, what happened to Maynard when he visited the far, far northern islands?!? It’s one of those mysteries you can only discover by tuning in! And you know what else would be awesome? Tell your damned friends about us! Yeah, help make us huge so we can do more of these show things, and live like f*cking kings!! I’m joking, but I do want more ears to invade with this filth..

– Scott.

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