Episode 115: We ate ribs with this dude..

Posted on May 13, 2013 by

The SASQUATCH is joined by MR PINK, FORBES and at some points, MONEY MAKER MAYNARD, COOPS and CRUNCHIE BAGLIN / Don’t go into shops with lipstick on your face, unless you’re a girl / Pink gets cut off by his broadband provider, probably because he stormed their building the previous week / Forbes has a swollen hand, we suspect it’s through too much chicken choking / The Apprentice is terrible TV, yet one Bastard is hooked / Sasquatch wants people to play nice when they message him / We call fast food joints looking for secret menus / Dougie Bray gives us a bell! / follow him on Twitter at @DougieBrae / Come play Xbox with the Bastards / Polish Girl sends Pink some voicemails / All this and more on tonights DHB show!

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