Episode 102: Parachute Poncho

Posted on February 4, 2013 by

SCOTT is joined by ‘BANE-ARD’ and MR PINK / Maynard is being mysterious about what happened over his weekend / Scott is pissed off that beer cans are getting smaller / We open the massive shrinking chocolate debate / Pink opens a strong debate about Yorkies / Man steals fried chicken from Maynard, nearly dies / Scott is horrified by a topless man staring at him / Still pissed off about the tiny cans.. What’s that about? I mean really, if I wanted to buy a ‘Top Deck’, I would Delorean my ass back to the 1980’s / Scott nearly dies, falls down some stairs / Maynard has been working like a dog, hardly a minute to himself / Man emails Scott saying he needs to find Jebus, Scott replies.. / Why do we need to work? The boys are enraged by a news story about spongers / All this and more on tonight’s DHB Radio Show!

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