Episode 100: 16 Hour Marathon Show Extravaganza – Part 4

Posted on January 18, 2013 by

Right, so here’s where things are getting all kinds of messy..

You wouldn’t believe the amount of alcohol that’s been consumed at this point, spilled over the carpet, and then consumed by the dog who it was discovered is not a fun drunk.  Anywho, part of this.. Um.. ‘Part’ is missing after Auld Steev McKickyFeet turned the PC off twice by kicking the hell out of it, losing us a large part of the recording. To make up for the missing bits, this release is over 3.5 hours long so that your earholes totally get round to that ‘bleeding’ thing that we’ve always been promising to do to you.

Anyway, enjoy the show and look out for the last part of these marathon show releases tomorrow!

– Scott.

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