DHB 254: The Code is 85

Posted on January 23, 2023 by

I’m so sorry, I wanted this show to have some kind of structure, but it seems that when you have Sasquatch, Lurch, Steev and Hotsauce in one room together, stuff gets all kinds of discombobulated / We have an awards show coming up! / Hotsauce has to leave for death / Hotsauce had some fun in the Netherlands / Lurch is making beautiful beef again / Steev says things and stuff / I don’t bloody know, I’m very tired and trying to think of what happened in this absolute nonsense of a show / Oh yes, a delivery driver comes bearing MD 20/20 and gets sexually harassed / When will Fierce Beer sponsor us / Lurch horrifies a gas man / All this and more on tonights DHB Radio Show! 

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