DHB 249: Halloween Spooktacular II

Posted on October 31, 2022 by

It’s Halloween time! You know what that means of course, 400 odd Jeffrey Dahmer’s roaming the streets thinking their costume is ‘edgy and unique’. So poke that noise, and instead come join us for our 2022 Halloween Spooktacular! Daddy Spook-Squatch and the Lech Monster are joined by Caustic Coops and Skeptic Steev for tonights show / Woman gets shouted at for eating Mars Bars / NDD tried to take a dump in a cats litter tray, failed / Woman gets roughly intruded by spooky digits / Coops is scared to go for a poop / Steev is a vampire of joy / 10% discount on all merch over at lurchmerch.co.uk right now! / Something under the bed licks her hand / All this and more on tonight’s SPOOKTACULAR!! MWAHHAHAH!!

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