Episode 57: Boom, Blam, KABOOM!

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Episode 57: Boom, Blam, KABOOM!

Postby MilitantCow » March 19th, 2012, 1:43 pm

Scott is joined by Steev and Pink tonight / Steev was away on a jolly in Edinburgh, ‘Dougie Hunting’ / Steev goes on a tour / Scott scares tourists whilst also on a tour / Scott breaks historic staircase in Anne Frank House / Poor Milo (Scott’s dog) suffers an attack from a large, Staffy dog / Scott gets a hefty vet bill, passed on to white faced Staffy owner / Pink and Scott set up a fake female online dating account, are astounded by the level of depravity men will go to to get sex / All this and lots, lots more on tonight’s DHB show!

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