Episode 54: Don’t Sauce My Pie!

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Episode 54: Don’t Sauce My Pie!

Postby Voodoo » February 7th, 2012, 10:41 am

It’s good to be back! / Scott is joined by Steev and Pink tonight / Steev’s plagued by car problems / Scott’s plagued by Indian Call centre problems! / internet is dodgy, show cam could go down at any moment / Pink falls foul of the internet dating scene / engaged? This woman doesn’t care! / Scott gets made to look like a fool by the Cougar / Pink sexually molests Scott’s phone and watch / Pink, Scott and Phraze get horribly drunk in the Highlands / Stripper poles get tested / Phraze is an uncharacteristically angry drunk / Scott and Pink stagger to house party, Pink steals pies. / Man gets humilliated on ‘Take Me Out’ / Eamonn Holmes advises transexual to become a prostitute / ALL THIS AND LOTS MORE on tonight’s DHB show!!

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