Episode 42: Blooter in the Hooter

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Episode 42: Blooter in the Hooter

Postby The Dog » November 19th, 2011, 6:31 pm

SCOTT TAYLOR is joined by STEEV THUNDERCOCK & REV PINK again tonight / man cuts off own nuts, gets sex change, then wants people to pay for his virginity / man pisses outside Scott’s front door, gets testicles smashed by size 14 boot / man appears in Scott’s hallway, holding trousers in hand / naked American fat man harasses Steev / having sex with animals causes penis cancer / We get some Dougie impersonations / a Dougie song too! / And the man himself leaves us a voicemail / Listener gets told to wear a nappy in our emails / all this and more on tonight’s show!

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