Episode 38: The Unwanted Envelope

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Episode 38: The Unwanted Envelope

Postby Voodoo » October 19th, 2011, 8:24 am

Intro thanks to Tony Rowell / Steev and the Rt Honourable Rev Pink join Scott, along with our bastardess Claire! / Claire is an annoying, loud drunk / Scot gets assaulted and spat on at work / Scott has a drama happen on his doorstep / Song sounds like Pink wrote it / listener makes his own kid say bad words / Listener Daffyd loves some Dougie Bray / The Fraz calls Dougie in the early hours of the morning / Dougie calls us not very happy / Claire leaves Dougie the filthiest of voicemails / Listeners like their poop stories / Scott ‘may’ have posted poop to a listener.. All this and more!

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