September 4, 2012 by Big Dog

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  1. Dan Reed

    Hi Bastards

    Your collective depravity is refreshing to hear on a weekly basis, I am currently half through the archived shows for the second time.

    I have been listening since the end of 2011 but never felt the urge to email before (apart from a scathing review on Itunes in the early days of the butchers presence – but I take that back now).

    A couple of days ago I listened to the first section of the mini marathon show – my favourite part was definitely the Coops revealing her hatred of Jaybles. I fucking hated listening to that whinging know-it-all cunt and was quite surprised when it was revealed that Mr Pink was nailing her. I was trying to work out why he would lower himself to plunge such depths, after all he might not be very funny but he does come across as fairly intelligent.

    I have finally worked it out –
    Q. What better way for the Sasquatch to get rid of an annoying groupie bitch?…
    A. Get Mr Pink to start a relationship with her.

    What a master stroke from the Doghouse boss. He knew that no woman could sustain an amicable relationship with Mr Pink. So the Sasquatch engineered a situation in Thurso where Jaybles succumbed to the repeated exposure of Pinks massive dangler and then left him to work his relationship magic… Kaboom!!! a year later and the Jaybles couldnt stand his guts any longer… ding dong the bitch was gone and the bastards and bastardos could get back to enjoying the show. A positive knock on effect seems to be that that arrogant bag of doughnuts Caltron has gone AWOL too.

    Congratulations on the execution of an inspired plan and keep up the great entertainment. Looking forward to the rest of the marathon show and DHB 2.O.


    p.s more of Scotts Diary please!

  2. Peter Wood

    Hey DHB, Would love to be a guest on your show, I do stand up comedy in and around Scotland and can be witty when I want to be. I about to run a gig after a time out to focus on my own s**t like cooking meth with Jessie, No wait;s that’s BReaking Bad,. Anyway love to come and have a chat with you, I host the Brock from time to time. So I can be a bit of a c**t depends on audience I guess Peter. Also I am looking for acts for Live at the Brewery, It;s showcases the best that the North East has to offer

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