Episode 60: Super Freak!

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Episode 60: Super Freak!

Postby MilitantCow » March 20th, 2012, 1:24 am

SCOTT, STEEV and PINK are joined by MAYNARD for tonight’s show! / We introduce everyone, Scott can’t be fucked / Maynard had a boozy weekend, as did Steev / Steev doesn’t remember sending us a voicemail / Scott has a falling out with his internet supplier / You know what, I forget what happened here at the news part! / Claire gets three admirers wanting to break her sexual cobwebs / DISCLAIMER – THE SEXUAL SOUND CLIPS INCLUDED ARE NOT CLAIRE!! JUST A SOUND ALIKE!! / A man steals his female pal’s knickers for masturbation purposes / All this and more on tonight’s show!!

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